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Questions and Answers from HK Interiors

The is the final blog in a three-part series that focuses on many of the commonly asked questions about interior design. South Florida life provides us with many opportunities for entertaining year-round – both indoors and out. Living in Coral Springs or Parkland provides different issues from residents in Lighthouse Point and Hillsboro Beach. There, the effects of saltwater can influence their design elements.

In our first blog, we covered design trends, challenges, and mistakes people often make in their homes.

Our second blog featured answers to how lifestyle and climate can influence design.

Here, we discuss common requests, how your age can impact design elements, advice to packrats and collectors, downsizing, and when it is worth it to spend a little bit more.

South Florida Requests for Interior Design

What do clients ask for when it comes to interior design? South Florida has an older population, as well, so does that influence the requests?

I find that many of my clients are in their 40s and older, especially in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and Boynton Beach. They see their children leaving home for college or getting married. Some are working from home or want to revamp their lifestyle and rejuvenate their homes. Others are downsizing to smaller residences. (More on that later.)

Because people are often living in a fully furnished home, it is about discussing what they want to keep and what they want to change. Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh, new color on the walls, some exciting window treatments, and new accessories to incorporate with the current furniture.

Age plays a significant role for some people who have been in their communities for a long time. They have friends and do not want to move. Their wish – to fall in love with their home again. The role of the interior designer is to pull together the past, present, and future to create a look that they can enjoy for many years to come.

Interior Design South Florida Advice for Packrats, Collectors, and People Who Are Downsizing

What advice do you give to packrats and collectors – you know, the people who just cannot part with anything? Or, those who are downsizing and have lots of “stuff?”

I would never tell someone what to keep and what not to keep. We begin by talking about what they love, and what they really want to showcase. It is about finding ways to make it all work without a cluttered look. Sentimental value is not something to get between, and everything has a place – even if it is in a closet.

Sometimes we can incorporate what they want in a secondary room if it does not fit with the new interior design. I also have wonderful craftspeople who create magnificent units to display collections and assorted knickknacks. Many people like to travel and collect items they wish to showcase in their homes. Incorporating all of that into a cohesive plan is part of the role of the interior designer.

Downsizing brings its own unique set of circumstances. This is the time to take a long hard look at what you want to keep and what you wish to part with. Some people want to take their furniture with them, but it will not all fit in the new space. Others want to start from scratch. The services of an interior designer are invaluable at a time like this.

Interior Design South Florida – When Is it Worth it to Spend More?

Final question – when it comes to interior design South Florida residents want to know what is the one thing that a person should consider spending more money on than all else?

It is simple really, just keep this in mind. Your home is an investment. When you purchase items for your home, you are investing in the future. Invest quality when remodeling your kitchen or purchasing flooring. Not only will it hold up for many years, but it will also pay out in dividends someday when you are ready to sell.

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South Florida Interior Design with HK Interiors

Aug 24, 2018 Category: Interior Design

Commonly Asked Questions

Residents and business owners looking for South Florida interior design need look no further than HK Interiors. From Miami to Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale to Boynton Beach and everywhere in between, HK Interiors is your first choice for home and office interior design.

Today, we are talking about South Florida interior design trends, challenges, and mistakes people often make.

Current Trends in South Florida Interior Design

What are the current interior design trends in South Florida?

That is not only a commonly asked question but one I hear all the time. Interior design is not about following trends; it is about ferreting out what the client wants, what already exists in the residence or office, and how to mesh it all together. Unless, of course, they want to start from scratch.

Interior design is like fashion; it changes with the seasons – although we do not have that much of a season change in South Florida. Design trends can be overdone, saturating the market until it becomes mundane. It is not about the trend – it is about what the clients want to achieve and what the home needs.

One example of this is how the gray palette was starting five years ago. Before long, gray was everywhere. However, what happens when a client has Mexican tile but still wants to incorporate gray into their South Florida interior design? It is my job to marry the two so that the home looks cohesive and the colors compliment each other.

Challenges Facing Interior Designers in South Florida

What are the biggest challenges you find when dealing with clients in South Florida?

All too often, people think of interior design as Pinterest, a trip to Target, or Wayfair. It is none of those things. The biggest challenge is often educating people about the design requirements of their home. There are specific challenges for many homes in South Florida. Interior design often has to take into consideration two-story ceilings, 12-foot wide sliding doors, or open floor plans. Homes like these require thoughtful planning, along with proper scale and proportions of the product. We often have to consider custom window treatments, large furniture, or multiple items to fill an expansive space.

Of course, there is a difference between large and bulk. You do not want to go online and order a 7-foot sofa or 24-inch coffee table from Wayfair and think that it will look right in a room that is 18ft x 15ft. Preconceived notions frequently go out the window when reality sets in. By using the services of a professional interior designer, residents in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and Boynton Beach can have a home that reflects their style and meets their needs.

Common South Florida Interior Design Mistakes

What are the most common mistakes people in South Florida make in their homes?

Whether you are talking about single family homes, townhouses, condos, or apartments, the mistakes are many. Wall color is a significant issue as some people naturally gravitate towards colors they like, yet do not work well together. You also have to look at how the contrast color on the walls works with the furnishings and accessories. Speaking of walls, store-bought window treatments do not always accentuate our large South Florida windows. It does not matter if you live in Coral Springs, Parkland, or on the water in Lighthouse Point, you want to have window treatments that suit your space. The goal is to compliment your room while allowing you to enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds you.

Another significant issue is furniture. Because so many homes have open floor plans (which are great for entertaining), undersized furniture can look out of place. An open floor plan requires careful planning to get the most out of the space without it looking crowded – or empty. Placing a small rug in a large room, or too large a rug in a small room is another relatively common South Florida Interior Design mistake.

The second blog in this series focuses on how interior design in South Florida is influenced by lifestyles and climate. Finally, our last blog will cover how age impacts design elements, when it is worthwhile to spend a bit more, downsizing, and what packrats and collectors can do with all their “stuff.”

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Interior Design with the Color Black

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Black is classic, ageless, timeless, sophisticated, versatile – a color that never goes out of style. However, you have to be very careful when using the color black in interior design. Too much black can be overpowering. When used properly, interior designing with the color black can make your home or office a visual masterpiece.

Black is universal in any design styles, and is often incorporated in Asian, industrial, minimalist, and contemporary, among others.

There are many ways to use the color black in your home or workspace, including:

  • A black accent wall
  • Black window treatments
  • Black furniture or upholstery
  • Black textiles such as rugs or pillows
  • Black vases, bowls, picture frames, or other accessories
  • Black iron beds
  • Black lighting fixtures

Why Choose a Black Accent Wall?

When thinking about wall color, many people first consider white or a shade in the white or neutral family. The color black is about as far away from white as you can get in the color spectrum. However, painting an accent wall black can add a dramatic flair to a room, just keep in mind the following if you do:

  • A room with a black wall requires an abundance of natural light – make sure there are plenty of windows otherwise reconsider your color selection
  • Black works well with monochromatic, neutral colors
  • Consider using natural materials and textured fabrics to soften the black accent wall
  • Pick one bright accent color to provide a vibrant contrast against the black wall
  • Graphite stone provides a textured look for walls, such as in a shower

Using the Color Black for Window Treatments

You can use the color black for window treatments against light colored walls for bold contrast. Correctly used, black can impart an expansive feel to a room. Patterned shades make a statement while adding dimension to a room. Therefore, using a neutral curtain over the shades can create a multidimensional and layered look.

Black sheers offer a bit of elegance, especially when accented with a tiny bit of color. Light filtering roller and solar shades still allow you to use the color black while allowing in natural light. Sheer black drapes create an exciting image in a room that features metallic furnishings as the light bounces off the metal.

A black cornice over sheer white drapes compliments a black rug, accessories, and zebra print chairs. The combination of black and neutral colors with gold, aqua, and blue accents on the wall lend an open airy feel to a small space as highlighted in the photo below.

Choosing Furnishings in the Color Black

Selecting furniture in the color black creates a timeless look in your room, as black is elegant, classic, powerful, and gives a rich feel to the home or office. Many people choose a black leather couch as it creates a look of wealth or abundance. Since black furnishings can make a room feel smaller, it is best to incorporate this color in larger rooms. One thing to remember about black furniture is that it will also show dust, scratches, lint, and pet hair more than some lighter colors.

In the photo below, you see how black has been incorporated into an elegant dining room, complimented by a gold and crystal chandelier and glass table top.


Using the Color Black to Accessorize Your Room

Pillows and rugs that feature black geometric shapes attract the eye and make a room “pop.” You can take that same effect upwards and use geometric designs as a cornice over sheers or blinds, as shown in the pillow below. The eye-catching appeal draws your attention to what might have otherwise been a boring corner.

A black chandelier hanging from the ceiling contrasts against white walls and will help draw the eye upward, enlarging the feel of the room. In the photo below, you can see how to incorporate black lighting fixtures over a corner table with black seating. A small area can receive a visual pop of color and elegance when incorporating black into the design.

Black vases, picture frames, end tables, and other accessories can help you add a bold touch of this color to your room. In the room below, floor to ceiling windows bring the beauty of nature indoors, while providing an abundance of natural light. The placing of a black, Oriental screen in the corner, along with black accents on the throw pillows adds a unique flair to the room.

Pairing the color black with other hues can provide the following feel to your room:

  • Black and white – timeless, classic, sophisticated
  • Black and gold – luxury
  • Black and red – dramatic
  • Black and purple – royalty
  • Black and silver, brass, or copper – opulence

When pairing the color black with pastel colors, you will create a harmonious look to the room. Use bright hues for vibrant contrast.

Contact HK Interiors to discover how to incorporate black and other colors into your home or office. Call 954-401-8542 today for all your interior design needs.



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