Interior Design Styles Quiz – Take It Now!

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Have you ever wondered what type of interior design style best fits you? Our interior design styles quiz will help determine what is most important to you in your surroundings.

1. What statement describes your current interior design?

a) Everything is well planned out and to my complete tastes

b) My furnishings are a little bit of this and a little bit of that

c) My tastes have changed since I first decorated my home

d) What interior design?

2. What are you looking for in furniture?

a) Sleek designs, sharp lines, less is more

b) Oversized furniture that you can get lost in

c) Comfortable, functional, and long-lasting

d) Not sure, but I will know it when I see it

3. What type of wall art catches your eye?

a) Large paintings with ornate frames

b) A cluster of smaller, themed paintings or photos

c) Landscapes, seascapes, or nature

d) People, animals, or action photos

e) Am I supposed to put art on my walls?

4. What type of accessories do you like to have around your home?

a) Meaningful knickknacks from trips and special times

b) Photos of family members

c) Large vases, crystal, pottery, plants, or statues

d) Functional accessories that perform a duty while looking nice

e) Nothing – the less to dust the better

5. What color scheme most defines how you want your surroundings to be?

a) Neutral whites, beiges, pale colors

b) Black, white, grey, silver, and maybe a touch of one color (red?)

c) Sea colors such as aqua, blue, teal, green, and turquoise

d) Brown, gray, black, and neutral

e) Orange, red, yellow, blue, and gold

f) Color scheme – you mean there is an order to it?

6. What makes you feel most at home?

a) Wood, wood, and more wood

b) Metal, brick, stone, glass, and wood

c) Rattan, wicker, and light-colored wood

d) Fabric, fabric, and more fabric

7. How do like your walls covered?

a) White paint – the cleaner the better

b) Brightly colored paint

c) Wood paneling

d) Wallpaper

e) Textured paint

8. What is your idea of storage space?

a) Built-in bookshelves

b) Moveable bookshelves

c) Staggered shelves on the walls

d) Hidden storage

e) I have nothing to store

9. What is your favorite type of flooring?

a) Wide wood planking

b) Tile

c) Carpet

d) Hard flooring and area rugs

e) Whatever is easiest to keep clean

10. What is your design style?

a) Traditional or old-fashioned

b) Modern or contemporary

c) A mish-mash of this and that

d) Something very stylish

Here is one last bonus question from our interior design styles quiz:

11. What room do you most want to change in your home?

a) Bedroom

b) Living room

c) Dining room

d) Den or family room

e) Kitchen

f) Bathroom

g) Home office

h) Every room

You can learn more about different interior design styles in our A to Z guide to 24 styles. Make sure you check out Part 1 and Part 2 of the blogs.

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