Living Room Makeovers

Feb 02, 2018 Category: Interior Design

Living Room Makeovers: The Power of Before and After Photos in Interior Design

Your living room makes a statement – whether designed for entertaining or family life, it tells a story. Living room makeovers can be as simple as changing wall color and a few key elements to a complete redo of all furnishings.

Perhaps you love your sofa and chairs but would like to update the feel of the room. Bringing color into the interior design can make all the difference in the world. Changing from earth tones to vibrant colors creates a modern and airy feel. Those same colors can then be incorporated into other rooms of the house for a soothing flow.

In these before and after photos, you will see how one room went from dated to modern by changing out the rug for one with a beautiful design element that incorporates the blue of the chairs.

Coordinated wall color, accent pillows, and changes in plants, tables, and lamps lightened the feel of the room.

Many of the elements remained the same:

  • Sofa
  • Floor  lamp
  • Window treatments
  • Art and mirror
  • Plant next to sofa

The use of a smaller oval coffee table created more walk-through space in the room, giving it a larger feel. Even the see-through table lamp helps to provide an airier feel in front of the mirror.

A more symmetrical plant compliments the floor lamp flanking the drapes. The previous decorations on the coffee table cut off the room and blocked the outdoors. Using a smaller accent piece on the coffee table provides an unrestricted view.

The redesigned dining room continued the use of blue teal from the living room for a balanced feel to the home.

Living Room Makeovers for Small or Unusual Spaces

Some homes, condominiums, and apartments have open floor plans. You may have to carve out a unique living space that makes a statement while incorporating functionality.

Living room makeovers in smaller spaces can still go bold. It is clear from the before photo below that animal stripes were a desired element. Unfortunately, the low chair and bulky table gave the room a crowded feel.

As with the previous design, some elements were kept, such as the glass coffee table and corner lamp. However, a complete change of flooring was utilized to modernize the space. A black accent rug over the wood floors tied in with the zebra-striped chairs and accent pillow.

The smaller side table still allowed for the display of a few favorite photos. Brightly colored flowers strategically hung over the sofa gave the space the pop of color it needed.

Living room makeovers can change the look and feel of your home. The living room is often one of the first places people see when they walk in the door. The right interior design can welcome guests into your home with style.

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