7 Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer

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Before you pick up that paint brush, pull up the old carpet, or run to the furniture store, check out these seven reasons to hire an interior designer.

1.  Choosing paint colors

2. Picking the right wallpaper

3. Choosing the right scale and proportion of furniture for your space and function

4. Deciding on the right flooring

5. Selecting the proper window coverings

6. Getting the best professionals for the job

7. Eliminating stress

Why Is it Wise to Hire an Interior Designer to Choose a Paint Color?

You may think that the money you spend to hire an interior designer is a waste of resources. However, do you really know that the paint colors you have chosen for your room will compliment your furnishings? Did you know that choosing a wall color is best in the mid-morning and afternoon daylight hours?

Nuances of color can make or break the final accessory or the beginning of a color palette.

Sometimes, all you need is an hour of time with a design professional to select the right paints for your do-it-yourself project.

An interior designer and a painting professional will discuss wall condition and what paint finish is appropriate for each room. Do not let the paint store determine what looks best. They know quality and applications for indoors and outdoors, but not color schemes and eye-appeal.

Speak to an Interior Designer Before Selecting Wallpaper

Wallpaper can be a challenge. The wrong pattern or texture can clash with your furnishings or cause your room to look smaller than it is. Some types of wallpaper do better in rooms that are often damp, such as a bathroom.

Another reason why you want to hire an interior designer for a consultation is that you may wind up purchasing less wallpaper than you need (or too much). You have to think ahead in case you need to replace a section down the road. Also, the interior designer will know quality wallpaper hangers to recommend.

Hire an Interior Designer for Help Selecting the Right Furnishings

Interior designers often have access to manufacturers and showrooms that you do not. An interior designer knows quality, scale, proportion, and style, and can bring your entire room together.

Carpet or Tile, Wood or Laminate – Only the Interior Designer Knows for Sure

You want the flooring you buy to last for many years. When you hire an interior designer to help you choose the best flooring, you get professional guidance that can help you make the right choice the first time.

The last thing you want to do is buy carpet, tile, or an expensive rug that will clash with your furniture, or with existing flooring. You may only need one consultation, but that meeting can create a “wow” effect in your room.

Window Coverings in South Florida – Let a Designer Steer You in the Right Direction

Living in South Florida has its own set of challenges. Your window coverings have to address afternoon sun, repel summertime heat, and keep your rooms comfortable in the winter. The money you spend when you hire an interior designer to help you select the right window coverings is often saved with lower electricity bills throughout the year.

An Interior Designer Knows Who to Call to Get the Job Done Right – the First Time

Whether you are looking to remodel your kitchen, want custom built-in furniture, or knocking down a wall, hiring an interior designer puts you in direct contact with highly-trained professionals.

With years of experience and a small militia of craftspeople, your interior designer will help you get the best quality service.

Hire an Interior Designer and Reduce the Stress of Your Remodeling Project

It does not matter if the job is small (painting one wall) or large (remodeling an entire house). If you hire an interior designer, you have a trained professional who will take away much of the stress that comes with the process. Retirees in Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, and Boca Raton can have peace of mind knowing their homes are in the hands of qualified experts.

Busy families in Parkland and Coral Springs have better things to do with their time than sit around all day waiting on a contractor. Let an expert handle the small details for you and enjoy a simplified life.

No matter where you live in South Florida, contact HK Interiors in Coral Springs to discover how our interior design services can help you transform your home or office into the vision you desire. Call 954-401-8542 today for all your interior design needs.


Yellow Color Interior Design – What Makes it Work?

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When you think of yellow, chances are your first thought is of the sun. The yellow color is bright, cheery, warm, and sunny. It makes us feel cozy and happy. In color therapy, yellow brings a joyful feeling. For interior design, yellow furniture, walls, or accents can add brightness, even to a small space.

It is also important to choose the right shade of yellow for your room. Yellow can be very stimulating. In a bedroom, walls should be of a more muted level so as not to overstimulate the senses when you want to sleep. A pale yellow room creates a warm and cozy place to rest your head after a long day. As you can see in the photo below, the room ties the yellow color together with a brighter yellow on the rug.

One of the things that you will notice in the next photo is how the yellow paint on the walls seems to beckon the outdoors inside. When creating yellow rooms, it is essential that you bring in some other strong accents, such as a rich wood or using the color white to bring a serene aspect to the yellow. The florals in the photos on the wall along with the flowers in the vase make it seem as though the room is one with nature outdoors.

Using Yellow Color in a Living Room

In the first of the two photos below, you can see how yellow living room walls create a natural backdrop for landscape photos. Yellow is one of the most popular colors for flowers, and for a good reason. It makes us think of sunflowers which are bright and cheery. In this room, yellow accents continue in the rug, and on the throw pillows and the table lamp. The yellow does not overpower – instead, it acts as an accent even though it is seemingly all around.

You might be afraid to step up to yellow walls. Living rooms are an ideal place to go ahead and use yellow color on the walls. Unlike darker colors, yellow can open up a room and make it appear larger. When used in the right shades, yellow does not overpower. You can see how well the yellow sofas complement the walls. Instead, it creates a stunning ambiance. Accented by the white drapes, as well as the earthy hues of rust and green makes the room below a welcoming place to relax and unwind.

Accenting Your Interior Design with Yellow Color

Yellow room ideas do not need to be as dramatic as what you saw in the previous photos. Some people want only a touch of yellow color to accent their color scheme. Yellow works well with white, blue, black, and gray. As you see in the photo below, there are many ways you can incorporate yellow in accent pillows. Textures and designs can make quite a visual impact in a room.

You can accent yellow rooms with wallpaper designs or with a variety of knickknacks. Items can include vases, candlesticks, and other objects of art.

Too much of bright yellow color in a room can increase anxiety and can be difficult for the eye. It is essential to get the help of an experienced interior designer to help you select the right shades of yellow for your room.

HK Interiors can help you discover how to incorporate the color yellow into your interior design.  Call 954-401-8542 to find out how our services can help you transform your home or office into the vision you desire.


Pros and Cons of Wallpaper – What to Know Before You Paint

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Before you reach for that paintbrush, think about wallpaper. We are not talking about the green or yellow floral wallpaper designs you remember from your grandmother’s kitchen. Today, wallpaper can bring exciting colors, patterns, and textures into any space. Know the pros and cons of wallpaper before you decide to paint your walls.

If you have a room full of solid color furnishings, patterned wallpaper can add new dimensions to your home. Without changing a single piece of furniture, you will feel as though the entire room has changed.

The Pros of Choosing to Cover Your Walls with Wallpaper

As we delve into the pros and cons of wallpaper for your next makeover or interior design project, we will start with the pros.

Pros of using wallpaper:

  • Long-lasting durability – paint often needs retouching or repainting every two to five years depending on children, pets, and traffic. Using wallpaper for a room instead of paint can provide 10 to 15 years of durability.
Powder Room
  • Cost-effectiveness – although the upfront cost of wallpaper vs. paint is higher, its durability will save you money over time.
  • Visual appeal – wallpaper provides a level of creativity you will not find with paint unless you hire someone to paint designs on your wall (higher cost). New styles of wallpaper today offer the look of faux suede, cork, velvet, vinyl, embossed finishes, textiles, and more. Using wallpaper for a room provides a level of versatility you just will not find with paint.
  • Damaged walls – wallpaper can make even poor condition walls look good. If your walls have defects that you do not want to fix, a good quality, thick wallpaper can make them look spectacular.
  • Versatility – using wallpaper for room décor also has come a long way. If you find a pattern that you love, but do not want to wallpaper an entire wall, consider placing it inside a picture frame for a new take on artwork. The monetary savings can be tremendous over purchasing fine art. It is also easily changeable when you want a new “look.” You can also use wallpaper behind shelving to add dimension to a room while accenting your displays.
The Decoist
  • Easy to clean – textured wallpaper is readily cleaned by vacuuming, brooms, cleaning cloths, or even wallpaper dough. For families with young children, easy to clean vinyl wallpaper can save you from frequent repainting of your walls.
  • Ease of application – some companies offer temporary wallpapers that are removable and easily applied.
  • Easy removal – depending on application, traditional wallpaper can be removed with some effort and without wall damage when you no longer want them on your walls. It is essential to prep and prime the walls before installation to facilitate this process.

Wallpaper adds a lot of personality to a room, allowing you to use it as an accent on just one wall to coordinate with paint colors, or to cover an entire room. Many wallpapers today even come in complimentary partner patterns and solids. That allows your wallpaper room décor to take on a more customized appearance.

Office bathroom for Lady of the house

Cons of Wallpaper – What to Know Before You Buy

Next up in the pros and cons of wallpaper is what you need to know before you buy. Make a mistake here, and you can get in over your head.

Cons of using wallpaper:

  • Higher cost – yes, the cost is more upfront. However, remember the pros; wallpaper can save you money in the long run.
  • Difficult removal – yes, we just said it was easy to remove wallpaper. However, the job can get taxing after a while, and you need the right tools. If the walls were not properly prepped before hanging, removing the wallpaper could become difficult. That is why you should consult with a professional interior designer or wallpaper specialist before using wallpaper.
  • Hard to replace – wallpaper patterns come and go. If a wall becomes damaged, and you need to replace the wallpaper, that could be a problem. Dye lots also come into play. If you need to repair a wall with wallpaper, ordering another roll might not match.
  • Humidity and climate – choose the right paper for the room. Luckily, there are new wallpapers designed to withstand moisture for humid areas.
Master bath/dressing room


  • Difficult to install – wait, we just said it was easy in the pros of wallpaper. Yes, it is easy if you know what you are doing. Most people do not. Hanging wallpaper is a lost art. You want to match patterns at the seams, and that requires a great deal of skill. An experienced wallpaper hanger will know which adhesive is the correct one for your type of wallpaper.
  • Running out of paper – a qualified professional will ensure that you have enough wallpaper ordered to complete your job.
  • Clashing with the room – the wrong pattern of wallpaper can dominate or clash with the room. That is why you need the guidance of an interior designer to help you make the right selection.
  • Toxicity and fumes – just as with paint, some wallpapers can release VOC compounds. Eco-friendly wallpaper is an excellent option.

There you have it, the pros and cons of wallpaper. To find out if wallpaper is the right choice for you, contact HK Interiors. Learn how our interior design services can help you transform your home or office into the vision you desire. Call 954-401-8542 today for all your interior design needs.


Interior Design with the Color Blue

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Interior Design with the Color Blue

If you are considering an interior design with the color blue, you have come to the right place. Blue is a primary color that easily fits into most design plans. Mixed with yellow, blue becomes green. Alter the amount of blue and yellow, and you have a vast array of different hues. When you combine blue and red in various amounts, you get differing shades of purple.

Blue and white are fairly common colors for china patterns. Blue is serene like the sky, powerful like the ocean, and brings a refreshing touch to any room. The color blue is often associated with creativity and can have a calming effect, making it an excellent choice for bedrooms.

Deep blue accents in an office can instill a feeling of reliability and trust. You get an orderly feeling when blue takes control. When you bring interior design with the color blue into a home office, you also get a sense of security and tranquility.

Light shades of blue bring:

  • Healing
  • Health
  • Tranquility
  • Softness
  • Relaxation
  • Intuition
  • Inspiration
  • Peace
  • Understanding

Dark shades of blue offer:

  • Integrity
  • Knowledge
  • Strength
  • Trust
  • Stability
  • Confidence
  • Elegance
  • Power
  • Professionalism

Using the Color Blue When Updating Your Home’s Interior Design

Blue is one of the most versatile colors to use in interior design. Although considered to be an appetite suppressant, blue is often seen in kitchens. In the room here, you can see how the blue in the granite and the pendant lighting bring the ocean and sky indoors. It is as if they are an extension of nature. Rather than suppressing, interior design with the color blue in this kitchen provides a relaxing feel for meal time. Blue helps to lower the metabolism, especially when using pale shades of blue.


In the photo here, you can see how blue makes this room stand out with the solid color wraparound sectional sofa. The color scheme is accented with yellow, in the rug, on the wall, and even in some of the pillows and lamp. Varying shades of blue in the pillows and the many vases on the wall tie the room together.

The two concept photos below are for a home currently under renovation. You can see how we incorporate blue into both the reading room and the family room. The reading room features a deep blue, patterned rug, and dark blue pillows.


The family room makes blue more of a focal point with the rich blue sofa. Blue accents in the rug and the throw pillows complete the look.

You can see from the photos how well blue combines with other colors. If you are considering interior design with the color blue, we can help. Contact HK Interiors to discover how our interior design services can help you transform your home or office into the vision you desire. Call 954-401-8542 today for all your interior design needs.


Interior Design South Florida

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Questions and Answers from HK Interiors

The is the final blog in a three-part series that focuses on many of the commonly asked questions about interior design. South Florida life provides us with many opportunities for entertaining year-round – both indoors and out. Living in Coral Springs or Parkland provides different issues from residents in Lighthouse Point and Hillsboro Beach. There, the effects of saltwater can influence their design elements.

In our first blog, we covered design trends, challenges, and mistakes people often make in their homes.

Our second blog featured answers to how lifestyle and climate can influence design.

Here, we discuss common requests, how your age can impact design elements, advice to packrats and collectors, downsizing, and when it is worth it to spend a little bit more.

South Florida Requests for Interior Design

What do clients ask for when it comes to interior design? South Florida has an older population, as well, so does that influence the requests?

I find that many of my clients are in their 40s and older, especially in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and Boynton Beach. They see their children leaving home for college or getting married. Some are working from home or want to revamp their lifestyle and rejuvenate their homes. Others are downsizing to smaller residences. (More on that later.)

Because people are often living in a fully furnished home, it is about discussing what they want to keep and what they want to change. Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh, new color on the walls, some exciting window treatments, and new accessories to incorporate with the current furniture.

Age plays a significant role for some people who have been in their communities for a long time. They have friends and do not want to move. Their wish – to fall in love with their home again. The role of the interior designer is to pull together the past, present, and future to create a look that they can enjoy for many years to come.

Interior Design South Florida Advice for Packrats, Collectors, and People Who Are Downsizing

What advice do you give to packrats and collectors – you know, the people who just cannot part with anything? Or, those who are downsizing and have lots of “stuff?”

I would never tell someone what to keep and what not to keep. We begin by talking about what they love, and what they really want to showcase. It is about finding ways to make it all work without a cluttered look. Sentimental value is not something to get between, and everything has a place – even if it is in a closet.

Sometimes we can incorporate what they want in a secondary room if it does not fit with the new interior design. I also have wonderful craftspeople who create magnificent units to display collections and assorted knickknacks. Many people like to travel and collect items they wish to showcase in their homes. Incorporating all of that into a cohesive plan is part of the role of the interior designer.

Downsizing brings its own unique set of circumstances. This is the time to take a long hard look at what you want to keep and what you wish to part with. Some people want to take their furniture with them, but it will not all fit in the new space. Others want to start from scratch. The services of an interior designer are invaluable at a time like this.

Interior Design South Florida – When Is it Worth it to Spend More?

Final question – when it comes to interior design South Florida residents want to know what is the one thing that a person should consider spending more money on than all else?

It is simple really, just keep this in mind. Your home is an investment. When you purchase items for your home, you are investing in the future. Invest quality when remodeling your kitchen or purchasing flooring. Not only will it hold up for many years, but it will also pay out in dividends someday when you are ready to sell.

Please contact HK Interiors to discover how our interior design South Florida services can help you transform your home or office into the vision you desire. Call 954-401-8542 today for all your interior design needs.


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